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Adam Pangburn- President & Founder


Adam Pangburn was born and raised at the north end of Kootenay Lake in the Village of Kaslo. At a young age, Adam was exposed to the great outdoors. His love of hunting and fishing comes from a long line of family hunters, fisherman and trappers. Adam has spent most of his hunting and fishing career in the mountains and lakes of British Columbia’s region 4, otherwise known as “Gods Country.”

But now times have changed for Adam. Putting racks on the wall and holding onto screaming reels has been put on the back burner. Adam is happily married to his high school sweetheart and they share two children together who are at the age to start their own hunting and fishing careers, instead of just bouncing around in the truck on the back roads with mom and dad.

Adam realizes that if the current state of the wildlife and fisheries management continues there will be no future for generations to come. For this reason, Adam has founded and is the President of The Kootenay Elk Hunting Association, a non-profit society created to support hunters, wildlife conservation and education.

"I am proud to represent Kootenay Elk Hunting Association and to serve as President. I will serve with loyalty and respect to the Kootenay region and the wildlife that call it home. I am a very approachable and easy to talk to person. I am open to any suggestions or ideas. Thanks for your dedicated support. Remember what they say, ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new’." - Adam Pangburn

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Jared Berry - Vice President


Jared was raised at the true north end of Kootenay lake. There he spent his early years nestled between the Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges, and on the shores of the Kootenay and Duncan Lake.  It was there his appetite for anything outdoors was ambitiously charged with a wonder lust on some of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer.


Jared is a student of the wild, but the man responsible for teaching him to safely navigate the outdoors with respect, was his grand father. A man who felt more comfortable outdoors than in.


When Jared moved away from region 4 of BC, he took his eagerness to explore the wilds with him. He now stalks the rivers and forests of BC’s region 7. There he acquired his greatest trophy, his beautiful wife. With her as his hunting partner, they look forward to passing on the torch to their sons.


Jared has recently found a passion in predator hunting, and believes of vital importance to seeing strong ungulates population across the province. 


"I’m privileged to be a part of KEHA from its inception, and am extremely proud to sit as a director of Northern Alliances, with other great conservationists and hunters. I hope to bring knowledge and experience from the North and share it with whom ever seeks it.

Remember what they say 'there are bigger ones out there'!"

- Jared Berry

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Derek Simm - Director


Hi. I’m Derek Simm,

I was born into a hunting family of Rossland B.C. almost 40 years ago. My love for hunting began around the age of 10 by spending time out in the wilderness with my father. I am very passionate about all things hunting and fishing spending most of my day off in the woods. 


Over the years I have seen our ungulate population go from plentiful to nil, spending days in the bush before seeing an animal. I believe that we need to act now and make changes today to stop the loss of habitats and over harvesting. 10 years from now I hope to be able to bring my children hunting and have the option to harvest an animal. At the rate things are going, this will not be an option.

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Scott McIntosh - Director


This is Scott McIntosh. He may look good in the mountains, but he is only checking out the sunset." There are no animals left in Region 4" he says, and it is time to rectify this! Scott has been hunting for 30+ years and has been fortunate in his hunting career. Now he would like nothing more than to see his son be able to have the same opportunities as he has had.

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Travis Huggett- Director


This is Travis. Born and raised in the Kootenay's to a family of outdoor enthusiasts and anglers, but not hunters. It was not until he was 25 that he started hunting. Self-taught with blood sweat and tears. 'Let's say for the first 6 years of elk hunting my rifle and I went on many long walks!' With persistence and determination finally put it all together. Saying that, I'm not sure where I would be in life if I had not found elk hunting. It's given me so much. Now it's time to give back. Never hunted back in the hay days. The time I have spent hunting I have noticed a severe decline in elk and deer population. With more predators now than ever (wolves) and bears. We have people making decisions for our region that have no idea what the wildlife situation is in region 4. It's time we make a change in the way our region is managed. "Is it September yet?"

Stephanie Pangburn- Secretary

Dayton Procter - Director


Dayton was raised in the North Okanagan of British Columbia, the small rural community of Falkland, located along Hwy 97, between Vernon and Kamloops. Here is where Dayton was introduced to the outdoors at a young age and mostly found himself chasing mule deer in the fall months.

It wasn’t until after high school that Dayton found his passion for archery elk hunting and began exploring the Kootenays, taking full advantage of everything that the amazing area has to offer. Dayton is proud to be part of the Kootenay Elk Hunting Association and is eager to put his best foot forward with assisting the organization with helping the ungulate numbers rise to what they once were before.

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